Spiritual Wellness

"Look inward and outward to explore questions of the universe, the spirit, and the self." Deepak Chopra

Spirituality can mean a lot of different things for each of us. It can be a quiet place that you spend your time to disconnect and feed your soul, it can be a religion or study that you practice or it can be just spending time in nature and feeling a connection to the world around you. A strong sense of spirituality can result in a greater sense of purpose, a feeling of contentment, a sense of emotional balance, and better-coping skills.

Whatever or wherever your spirituality takes you one thing it certain it is important to you overall health and well being.


Spirituality & Self Healing

World-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation Deepak Chopra, MD FACP, strongly believes that wellness is conscience based. Basically where the mind goes the body follows. Chopra discovered early on the importance of guiding people to a higher state of consciences as the key to inner fulfillment.

He believes in the premise of healing ones self through a process of "waking up." This requires pure consciousness in everyone and everything. "I am that, Thou art, that, and All this is that." The word "that" refers to our source in pure awareness, and the infinite play of consciousness that is universal.

Our body is capable of healing wounds, illness & disease all by itself without us even being aware of the process. The process of self healing is thought to be similar in that spirituality helps us heal ourselves from the inside out.

Donna Miesbach Certified Meditation and Yoga Instructor and author of the award-winning book From Grief to Joy, A Journey Back to Life & Living recommends these affirmations to help bring your thoughts and purpose in balance with basic principles that support the alignment of the physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

1. My body knows how to heal itself, and is doing so even now. The body is naturally a self-healing mechanism. It is constantly maintaining and restoring itself. You know this to be true because your body has been doing it ever since you were born. Think about all the cuts and bruises you’ve acquired that have closed up and gone away.

2. My body tells me what it needs. The body speaks to you in many ways. Sometimes the signals come as hunches or silent impulses, at other times they come through feelings of comfort or discomfort. Listen to whatever the body tells you. It never lies.

3. I honor my body’s wisdom by trusting the signals that it sends. When you override or ignore what the body is relaying, you interfere with the body’s natural healing process. Sometimes the body does not want to do what you would like to do. When you honor the body’s message, you honor the body’s wisdom.

4. Every part of my body carries out its tasks easily and naturally. The body is an intelligent energy system that maintains its inner harmony freely and easily by adhering to the infinite wisdom that supports and sustains it.

5. My body is attuned to the wisdom of the universe.The body is a microcosm of the universe. Just as the stars move in harmony with that great macrocosm, so are the body and all its parts designed to move in sync with the natural rhythm and harmony of the universe.

6. Joy is my body’s keynote; vitality is its song. The body does not know stress, yet when we interfere with the body’s natural healing work through poor diet, lack of exercise, or other unhealthy choices, the body’s ability to function at optimum efficiency is compromised. When you listen to the body and honor your body’s needs, vitality improves and joy awakens in your heart. You know you are in sync with the body’s wisdom when the body “hums” with vitality and joy.

7. Gratitude and peace flow through my mind and body like a clear, healing stream. Whenever you see and know the truth, whether for yourself or for others, that truth becomes a healing stream that flows out and supports those for whom you pray.

Practice these principles whenever there is a need for healing.


*The health, wellness and beauty information on Live Healthy-Be Beautiful is intended only as informational material and not to be taken as individual medical advice. Always contact your doctor before starting any new health or exercise plan.

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